- What Is Benzene?

Benzene is a by-product derived from coal and petroleum. In the U.S., benzene is produced in very large quantities and is mainly used in gasoline to prevent engine-knocking. Benzene is also used in large quantities in the production of solvents, paints, adhesives, plastics, pesticides, detergents, and other similar industries that we have described on our website.

Workers in these industries are usually exposed to benzene by inhaling the vapors or absorbing it through skin contact. Studies have shown that either form of exposure can cause numerous severe illnesses, including AML or "acute myelogenous leukemia." AML is the most commonly caused cancer from benzene exposure. AML has been diagnosed in workers exposed to benzene for less than five years.

The diagnosis of AML may come several years after a worker's exposure to benzene. This is called a "latency period" and in most cases, the onset of AML can come over 10 years after exposure.

If you are uncertain of your exposure to benzene or have any questions about your diagnosis of leukemia, especially AML, contact us. We will investigate your case at no charge to you or your family. is provided by
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