- What We Need to Evaluate Claims

If you have AML or any of the other illnesses identified on this website, it may have been caused by exposure to benzene. If so, you may be entitled to a substantial recovery against the manufacturers of this dangerous chemical. There is certain information we will need to evaluate the validity of your claim.

  • If you have been diagnosed with AML or one of the other illnesses on this website, we will need to know when this diagnosis was made and which health care provider made the diagnosis.

  • We need to know where you have been receiving treatment for your illness.

  • We need to know where and when you may have been exposed to benzene. You do not need to have exact details. If you suspect you were exposed to the chemical, we need to know approximate dates of employment and as much detail as you can recall about the employer's name, address, your job duties, and any particular exposure to benzene products that you can recall.

This is all we require to begin our investigation. It is important to act quickly. Each state's law sets a different deadline for claims such as yours to be filed in court. Once that deadline has passed, you will not be able to file any claim against the benzene manufacturer.

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