Learn Why You Should Hire Our Law Firm Over the Hundreds of other Firms Advertising on the Web

We know you have hundred of choices of law firms and referral services who advertise that they handle Benzene lawsuits. Here is why you should consider our law firm over the others:

First, if you have a case, we will handle it personally.

We are a law firm - not a referral service or a "Network of Lawyers" that takes your information and randomly "shops your case around" to dozens of law firms around the country. Unlike most of the other web listings, we prominently list our law firm's name, our address and our toll-free phone number.

Second, when you call our firm, you will receive honest and direct personal attention from a lawyer who will answer your questions and explain your rights during a free phone conversation.

We won't make you talk to an answering service that fires questions at you with no explanation or sends you pounds of paperwork to fill out and then make you wait - hoping a lawyer to call you back.

Third, you will have direct access and personal attention from our lawyers - not just a paralegal or an investigator.

We don't take hundreds of cases at a time, so we can actually "represent" our clients as lawyers, not like a lawsuit factory. If you notice, our law firm doesn't list every type of law suit under the sun (Bextra, Phen Phen, Vioxx, Railroad Accidents, Airline Accidents, etc., to name a few). We handle Benzene cases and that is our priority.

Finally, we absolutely understand that this is a very serious and traumatic time for you and your family.

We treat each client with respect and dignity and will do everything in our power to help your family understand the process of civil litigation. We don't try to flood you with information about leukemia or list your legal rights on our website. We know if you found our website and have been diagnosed with leukemia, you have probably already researched the disease and its causes quite thoroughly. We will provide you with all the legal information you want when you call us so you aren't just getting answers to the questions lawyers think you need to know.

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