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Study Backs Solvent Link to CLL and Multiple Myeloma
An Italian study supports the link between industrial solvents containing benzene and the blood cancers multiple myeloma and chronic lymphoid leukemia. Xylene and toluene were also tied to greater CLL risks. Benzene is known to cause acute myelogenous leukemia but its link to CLL and multiple myeloma has been "under debate." The Italian study found that medium to high levels of benzene exposure nearly doubled the risk of these two blood cancers.

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Benzene and Leukemia: An Epidemiologic Risk Assessment
by Robert A. Rinsky
Published in: Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 82, pp. 189-191, 1989

The Mechanism of Benzene-induced Leukemia: A Hypothesis and Speculations on the Causes of Leukemia
by Martyn T. Smith
School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, California

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